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Black Cat Stickers - Vinyl Stickers

Black Cat Stickers - Vinyl Stickers

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If black cats are bad luck, I don't want to have good luck 😤 Adopt your very own bundle of voids now for an extra dose of cute in your life!

These stickers are sold separately, or as a pack of 3.

Item specifications:

● 6 Waterproof Vinyl Stickers
● Matte finish
● UV- and waterproof
● Very durable (they should last up to 7 years, even when used outside)
● These stickers are about 6 - 7 cm

These stickers are made of a very sturdy vinyl, and aresuitable for use outside. They are meant to last for years, so you can use them on your car as well. They should be able to withstand the dishwasher without issue!

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