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Treasure Raccoon - Hard Enamel Pin - Trash Dwellers

Treasure Raccoon - Hard Enamel Pin - Trash Dwellers

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One man's trash is another man's treasure, which means that raccoons must be nature's billionaires (without all the awful, come on work with me here).

I'm going to be honest with you, I just really wanted more raccoon pins and I like money, so I combined the two and now this exists. This is for me, but it can be for you too if you want. Yay capitalism!

Item specifications:
● Width of 35mm
● Hard enamel
● Gold plating
● Smooth recessed metal
● Screenprinting elements
● Two back posts /w rubber clasps
● Backstamp /w logo

Please refer to this page or the images above for more information on my grading practices for enamel pins!

A-grade pins may still include minor flaws, such as:
● Small, unobtrusive bumps or dips in the plating
● Small scratches or marks in the enamel or plating
● Small dips or flecks of dust in the enamel
● Slightly over- or underfilled areas

I try to make sure that none of these flaws are visible at a glance, but I still ask to please keep this in mind while purchasing :)

I do not offer an S-grade (collector) tier for these pins, even though many of my A-grade pins would still qualify for this.

B-grade (or seconds) pins are pins with a noticeable flaw, and are therefore sold at a discounted rate. Please refer to the listing pictures for visual examples!

B-grade pin flaws include (but are not limited to):

● Noticeable scuffs or scratches in enamel or plating
● Obvious stains or spots in the enamel or on plating
● Areas of oxidation on the plating
● Larger areas of 'rough' or uneven plating
● Up to one small area of missing enamel
● Overfilled enamel that stains the plating
● Stray specks of glitter in enamel

Please keep in mind that the default shipping option does not include tracking!

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